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Why You Should Book Your Next Party with Us

September 18,2019

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Tarzana is our flagship gym and has been ROCKIN’ for over 9 years! We take pride in how much our franchise has blossomed over the years and are proud to be the location where it all began. Our gym offers many special activities, including hosting birthday parties catered to various needs.

Putting together a children’s party can be a stressful task. There are many important issues to consider when planning – decorations, dietary restrictions, safety of children, the number of children to invite, and so on. Parents of children on the spectrum must also take into account any sensory issues and the risks of overstimulation.

Our Tarzana location specializes in hosting parties that help you avoid the overwhelming tasks of party planning for young children and focuses on the safety of your children on their special day. We provide sensory-safe equipment designed for both play and relaxation. And because our gym is enclosed in one large, open space, parents are easily able to locate their child at all times. This environment is especially beneficial for autism parents and for parents of toddlers. In other larger venues, it can be difficult to be sure that your child is safe at all times. However, here at We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym Tarzana. we only allow parties of up to 15 kids, which is just another way to ensure a manageable and safe celebration!

All of our staff members are trained to work with children of all abilities, so you won’t need to worry about any single-hand party monitoring. We’ll even help you plan for birthday cake and fun activities, arts and crafts, and more- just can choose from four of our awesome party packages:

$150/hour $200/hour $250/hour $175/hour
No staff assistance. Staff assistance (we do all of the work for you!) Staff assistance (we do all the work for you!) This package is catered for children with special needs.
Includes full use of the gym and all its amenities and our arts and crafts area. Choose from one of our paper or wood products for each child to decorate.

¼ sheet birthday cake or 2 large cheese pizzas.

Includes a specially trained staff member.
WRTS party favors for each child at the end of the party. Each child receives an age-appropriate party favor at the end of the party.
An arts and crafts project.

We have specially priced packages as well for special circumstances. To learn more about these, please call us at 818-708-0860.

 If you’re looking for a more economical option, you can also book your event through a Private Playdate. We will close down the gym for the hour so your child can enjoy some special time with their closest friends, without having to worry about any unfamiliar faces. Book an hour for 10-15 children at $14/each. We will close down the gym for the hour for you and your friends.

We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym in Tarzana is committed to making your child’s special occasion the best it can be! To book your party today, visit our birthday party and play dates page, or call us at 818-708-0860 for additional information.