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Our Latest ROCKIN’ Partnership: We Sell Mats

October 31,2022

Running, jumping, and tumbling are just a few of our favorite things to do at We Rock the Spectrum! And ensuring that these thrilling activities can be done safely is our #1 priority. We are excited to announce that our latest partnership with premium foam tile flooring and accessories distributor, We Sell Mats, has officially LAUNCHED to provide even more opportunities for your children to stimulate their bodies and minds through inspiring sensory-safe experiences. 

We Sell Mats helps us guarantee the safety of We Rockers of ALL abilities as they explore every part of our gyms. To make every hour of playtime even more fun, We Sell Mats offers a large selection of foam tiling and accessories that encourage your kiddos to Play With A Purpose™. Here is a bit more information about why We Sell Mats ROCKS and a few of the products we are most excited about: 


Who is We Sells Mats? 

We Sell Mats was founded in 2006 by Ken and Missy Richardson from their two-car garage. At the time, the Richardson’s were taking a pause from their corporate careers to focus on raising their two young children. Because they were living on a limited budget, they needed flooring for their family that was both safe and affordable but struggled to find anything that met both criteria. They were frustrated by the lack of flooring options stores had to offer and realized that there were likely many other families in a situation very similar to their own. After completing an extensive study to determine the next best steps, they concluded that it was time to take matters into their own hands. They purchased a large number of high-quality foam tiles at a low price and offered their surplus to others at a great value. That summer, they decided to take a risk and purchased an entire shipping container from a foam manufacturer. Thus began their journey as We Sell Mats! 

Along with the growth of their family, Ken and Missy’s business expanded quickly. They were heavily convinced by their children, both gymnastic enthusiasts, to consider purchasing additional protective flooring products, such as gymnastics mats and skill-training equipment. We Sell Mats now operates out of a warehouse space of over 140,000 square feet which gives them the ability to stock a diverse assortment of foam tiles and mats in a variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses. 

Ken and Missy have always been passionate about offering their customers high-quality products and first-rate customer service. To ensure quality control, and product safety, and to create innovative products, they collaborate directly with the manufacturers. Additionally, We Sell Mats is recognized as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the biggest independent certifier of companies run and managed by women in the US, the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). 

We Sell Mats Products We Are Excited About

Foam Fitness Mats 

These durable, versatile EVA foam floor mats safeguard your flooring and prevent injuries to knees, legs, and joints. They are non-toxic, lead, latex, and phthalate-free and feature a clever interlocking design to make it easy to set up or move around. The high-density layers of the mats provide a firm cushion to decrease the pressure of body weight on the joints, while the surface improves grip and stability. Additionally, these mats promote safe sensory play for kids that are leaping or playing active games that require a lot of movement. Available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and surfaces. 


Tatami Floor Mats 

Made with the same EVA, non-toxic foams as the premium foam mats, Tatami floor mats offer an excellent cushion for children to be able to land on as they dismount from equipment or are coming back down from a big leap. As they are designed for martial arts, the shock-absorbing, anti-slip surface is perfect for sensory-safe play for children of all ages and abilities. With support like this, kids can comfortably participate in activities that stimulate muscle growth and refine coordination. Available in a variety of colors and thicknesses. 


Folding Exercise Mats

These easy-to-transport folding mats feature a durable surface supported by thick cushioning. It provides a safe and reassuring landing area for children to experiment with a variety of movements, such as cartwheels, jumping jacks, and stretching. They pair perfectly with many other We Sell Mats accessories so our gym owners can build exciting new environments that encourage children to build strength and keep their heart rates up. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. 


Crash pads


Keeping your kiddos’ joints young and limber requires equipment that is gentle yet durable. We Sell Mats’ crash pads feature a sponge-core foam padding with a heavy-duty 18oz vinyl top and mesh sides to provide excellent support for joints and muscles. The sturdy landing surface also encourages We Rockers to jump higher, move bigger, and boost confidence. Available in a variety of colors and small or medium (pictured) sizes.


Tumbling Octagons 

Whether your child is looking for new ways to move or is interested in increasing flexibility, the tumbling octagons offer the perfect level of support for children of all ages and abilities. Its unique shape and use may push your child out of their comfort zone to help them realize the full potential of their body’s movements. It is specifically designed to improve coordination, balance, walk-overs, handsprings, and more. Available in a variety of colors and small, medium (pictured), or large sizes.


Padded Balance Beams

Designed with a 4” top surface for extra stability and a durable crosslink form core, the 9ft balance beam is an excellent tool for balancers of all levels. This sensory-safe gym activity allows children of all ages and abilities to practice balance beam movements without the fear of being too far from the ground. Additionally, the beam is foldable, making it an easily transportable option to play along with all other pieces of gym equipment. Available in a variety of colors.


As a franchise founded on the same safety principles for our children, We Rock The Spectrum is excited to offer our owners and customers this opportunity to experience what sets We Sell Mats apart. We Sell Mats supports our mission for safe play for children of ALL abilities by providing us with items that focus on sensory-safe play and development. Find your nearest We Rock location today to start Playing With A Purpose™ and experience how great equipment from We Sells Mats can elevate your child’s next play session.