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Making 2020 the Best Year Yet: Setting Resolutions for Special Needs Families

January 7,2020

Beginning a new year can be daunting for parents with special needs children. However, it’s a great opportunity to set new goals and make commitments for the year. For children with special needs, this task may not be as simple. To help your children have a productive 2020, here are four easy tips on how to set goals—and maintain them—for children with special needs.

  1. Write it down and display it

Put it in writing. Writing and hanging new year’s resolutions in a prominent place, like the refrigerator, will act as a reminder for you and your children to stay focused on the goals.

  1. Keep it simple

Avoid making it too specific in the beginning. If a resolution ends up being too complex from the get-go, it may overwhelm and discourage your children. Keeping it simple in the beginning can help with confidence and self-esteem, and will further motivate them to reach their goal.

  1. Track the progress

Create progress charts and check-in regularly to help keep their resolutions on track. Visual representations of their progress can really help children with special needs feel empowered to complete the goal they set.

Quick tip: Create your children’s progress chart with them! Once you get the basic template down, get them to decorate it with their favorite colors and stickers. Letting them personalize it can further empower and motivate them to stick to it.

  1. Show your support

Everyone loves to feel supported, and children with special needs aren’t any different. Let your children know you will help them accomplish their goals! Especially those with special needs, showing constant support can go a long way in building one’s self-esteem and inspiring them to continue towards their resolutions.


Need some help coming up with new year’s resolutions for your children? Here are some ideas to get your started!

  • Having a fruit or veggie with every meal.
  • Completing homework before playing.
  • Being nicer to siblings.
  • Brushing teeth morning and night.
  • No talking back to parents.

Another popular new year’s resolution is to spend more time at the gym! We’re here to help every child achieve their goals. Contact us to start setting those goals.


Let’s make 2020 the best year yet, We Rockers!