RiseAlert: We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym

Autism affects 1 in 88 children in the United States and is currently the number two epidemic in this country. FACT. Dina Kimmel, Founder and Autistic parent is seeking to help parents effected by this neurological disfunction by creating “We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym” in Tarzana, California. The response has been so outstanding that Dina has franchised this for others around the world, it is exploding! …

Babies.com – We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym

Babies.com – We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym

My business is We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym for All kids. Our doors opened at the end of the year in September 2010. We are an open play sensory gym. What that means is that all the fun equipment we use — swings, climbing apparatus and toys — is based on occupational therapy. All children love to play at We Rock, but for children who are on the spectrum, they need it!


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